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Boutique Service. Big Picture Sound.

Boutique Service.
Big Picture Sound.

Gramoscope Music is a hands-on, full-service music production company specializing in creative music services to the entire production community.

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Gramoscope Music is a hands on, full service music production company specializing in creative music services including original composition, music supervision and licensing to the entire production community.
Gramoscope Catalog
GRAMOSCOPE Music Catalog
The Gramoscope Music catalog features a distinct collection of organic compositions that will elevate the value of any production. Produced by a roster of award-winning composers, our carefully curated catalog features tens of thousands of musical cues and songs that translate seamlessly into film, television, trailers, commercials and more.
Custom Music Score
Gramoscope Music has created custom music scores for more than 50 films, thousands of hours of television programming and countless advertisements. With over 20 years of experience, we can score any project to picture with ease. Whether it be a scripted television show, film, commercial or trailer, we can deliver a custom score to meet any creative need—under any deadline.
Custom Music Catalog Build
From a creative standpoint, a custom music catalog gives you the freedom to explore a unique sound for any given project. As a publisher of this original music you’ll also be creating a new revenue stream for your company in perpetuity. Last year alone we created over 1,500 custom compositions (not including submixes or stems) for an array of networks, production companies and specific shows.

Should you desire additional support we can also manage every aspect of the cataloging process on your behalf, including tagging / describing and registering the music worldwide, to ensure that you receive the maximum return on this new asset.
Music Supervision
Our hands on in-house music supervision team can turn around ANY request quickly and efficiently. Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Free Custom Music Searches
  • Music Editing
  • Music Cue Sheet Preparation
  • Addressing notes with replacement options
  • Working with editors to define the sound of your project